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Pappa Nicky is Pleased to 
Introduce a Brand New Menu Item... STROMBOLI!


So, What's a Stromboli?
Quite Simply it's a GIANT Wrap Sandwich made from Pizza Dough, then filled with meats, cheeses, sauce an other goodies.

Of Course, this is Pappa Nicky's we're talking about so this
isn't just ANY Stromboli! We start with our Artisan Homemade
New York Pizza Dough, then STUFF IT with Your Choice
of Meats, and/or Veggies. We then put a layer of our Nicky's Awesome Marinara or Chunky Sauce, followed by Fresh Mozzarella Cheese. Finally, we wrap it up, Oven-Bake to Perfection, and top it with our Special Blend of Herbs & Spices !


  • Genoa Salami & Pepperoni

  • Philly Cheesesteak

  • Boston Veggie

  • New York Traditional

Of course, each can be further customized with other fillings to make it your own.

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