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Pappa Nicky's 
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Nicky's Deep Dish Pizza

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Four of our Best Pizza Styles

For the LOVE of Pizza

Yes, I love any kind of Pizza. I do have a personal favorite, however. I fell in love with Chicago Deep Dish Pizza after a business trip to the "Windy City". I loved it so much that I decided to try my hand at making it from scratch since it was so hard to find in the Philadelphia area. I then spent several years refining my skills, and adding a few other unique styles to my list as my Pizza "Hobby", baking italian for my family and friends.


And Now the Rest of the Story...

"When Life gave me Lemons", I Decided to make... PIZZA!

As the result of my primary business being shut down by the Covid-19 Pandemic, I had what I like to call a "God-Sighting"** (unexpected divine inspiration), and decided to turn my "Hobby" into a small business to support my family. I marketed initially on my neighborhood's Facebook Page and adding several other unique Pizza styles from other cities while maintaining my Artisan-made commitment to quality. I am grateful to my friends and neighbors who helped spread the word to their friends which expanded my reach. Since Fall of 2020 I introduced my website to make it even more convenient for my faithful customers to order and allow others to give my Unique Artisan Pizza a try. In the Spring of 2021 I joined the SLICE Pizza App Family, a FREE App (download link button above) for mobile devices for those who are done with "Chain Pizza", and just can't get enough Local Pizza!


And so, my Loving (and patient) Wife, Marie joined me in my "labor of love" in 2021 the result of another "God-Sighting" when she slipped and fell destroying a ligament in her wrist. After three surgeries she was unable to return to a job that she loved for 15-years, caring for medically fragile children. So, when life gave her "lemons", and lots of prayers, she decided to make Pizza too, with me. Together with divine leading we are building a small, family business that is growing. Not yet enough to live on solely, but enough to sustain us. Since then we have added a few other items to our menu such as Mozzarella Sticks, Buffalo Style Hot Wings, and Reading Premium Draft Sodas. So far, in 2022 we have added several more Pizza Styles, Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Nicky's Meat-Lovers Supreme Pizza, Pennsylvania's Favorite, Pizza Bianca (White Pizza), BBQ Chicken Pizza, and now Hawaiian Pizza! We also now have a Take & Bake Menu that is priced 20% less than our regular menu. We hand craft each pizza as we normally do, but only partially bake the crust for you to finish baking at home, hot & fresh right from YOUR oven. After it is completed every order is boxed, placed in a zip-sealed bag so that you can refrigerate or freeze it for later.  Complete home baking instructions are placed on the outside of each box and are specific to the style that you order. So, whether you have us bake it to eat right away or ready to finish baking at home, we want you to enjoy OUR BEST!

Look for even more new items in the future.


Mamma Marie and I look forward to serving you with our best and welcome your input along the way to make it even better. Please Stay Well, Be Safe,Take Good Care and I hope to see you soon! 


Pappa Nicky

** A "God-Sighting" is an inspiration (we believe divinely) or action that seemingly comes out of nowhere in a time of need. Some may say that they are "coincidence" but we can [definitively] say... we don't think so!

Our Commitment to Quality: Nicky's creates Scratch-Made Artisan Deep Dish and Traditional Pizzas using only the finest ingredients for you to Enjoy right out of the box or finish BAKING AT HOME when you are ready to eat it. That includes our special sauce made from Genuine whole Plum Tomatoes from Italy that are slow-simmered, crushed, and blended with our own Italian family recipe of herbs and spices giving it a rich, artisan homemade flavor. Each of our Pizza Crusts are also scratch-made using filtered water, fresh yeast, and high quality ingredients to insure a consistently great eating experience every time. We also offer FREE DELIVERY (limited delivery area), and work with services such as GrubHub, DoorDash, UberEats, and ChowNow to deliver to your home. If you don't want to pay their delivery fees, simply pick up your order at Pappa Nicky's without ever leaving the comfort of your car! It really doesn't get any easier than that.

Covid-19 Precautions: Great care is taken to maintain a clean and safe environment throughout the creation of our Pizza. NEW equipment has been installed that destroys any viruses & bacteria in the air and on surfaces where we work. In addition, Masks and gloves are used during food preparation to insure complete food safety standards are adhered to.
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