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Our Menu, Handcrafted with Love!

What Makes Pappa Nicky's Pizza So Special?

We start with the basics using the finest quality ingredients that we can find. That includes using whole plum tomatoes imported from Italy which we slow cook with our own special blend of herbs and spices to bring out the amazing flavor. We also make our own crusts from scratch everyday featuring our Chicago Deep Dish crust that has a flakiness not found in other crusts. Our Detroit Pan Pizza crust is a truly unique crust with real Wisconsin cheddar cheese baked on the edges all around. The Philly Sicilian crust is soft and chewy inside with a crispy bottom and sides. We round out our crust selection with the Classic New York crust that is thin, soft, and foldable. From these crusts we bake our Specialty Pizzas including an Awesome Cheesesteak Deluxe Pizza; Our Boston Style Veggie Pizza; Buffalo Chicken Pizza with that special kick that only Franks Red Hot® Sauce can bring; Pizza Bianca or White Pizza, the most popular pizza style in Pennsylvania, and finally our Meat Lovers Supreme Pizza with all that a meat lover craves. No matter which one you choose, you are sure to love eating it as we love baking it! 

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